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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Out to Dinner - Urban Burger, Browns Plains

Urban Burger opened a while ago at Village Square, Browns Plains.  They grabbed my attention by having not 1, not 2, but 3 different vegetarian burgers on their menu! I hae visited them four times now, so have had a chance to try out all 3, and have settled on my favourite.

Janet has had the same burger each time we have been there - the BBQ "100% prime beef, cheddar, bacon, bbq sauce, salad, relish, aioli" ($10.90). 


Janet also added snack fries and a drink for $4.50. I skipped the fries. Due to my no deep fried food rule for this year.


my burger of choice was the Urban Red "chickpea & red vegie pattie, brie cheese, basil pesto, salad, relish, aioli" ($10.50). I think this is my favourite vegie option here, because it has heaps of flavour, and the cheese doesn't hurt either! my next choice would be the Vegan Vibe - it has a lentil & kidney bean pattie, and comes with avocado!

I like the rolls that they serve the burgers on, as they seem to be quite light and airy, so don't completely fill you up before you get to the burger part!  Urban burger also have gluten free buns available.

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  1. It's so good that they had more than one vege burger on option. I quite like vegie burgers but get sick of seeing that they only have a chickpea patty. Can't imagine how you feel! No luck gaining access to your old account?