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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Barbeque Lunch - Tygum Lagoon

Its been a little while between posts! Not that there has been a lack of cooking, or eating, just a lack of posting! Shall try to rectify that situation

car ride!!
We decided that we would like to have a barbeque lunch, and since we deposited our bbq on the footpath during a council clean-up, we had to find a bbq in a park!  Janet hit the computer and Googled up Tygum Lagoon, at Waterford.  Armed with our google map, an esky of food and a happy dog, we set off!

We managed to not get lost, despite there seeming to be a lack of street signs.  We even managed to find a bbq that was not being used!

Tygum Lagoon
its quite a nice park, with a walking track all the way around the lagoon (there is also exercise equipment all the way around if you are so inclined)

I cooked up our lunch, while Janet kept Shadow entertained.  I had Tofu & red capsicum kebabs (marinated in soy and lemon) and some salad.  Janet had sausages on a bread roll.  I managed to forget to bring the sauce! oops!)


This rather magnificent model sail boat was being sailed on the lagoon!
Tygum Lagoon

Now we know this park exists, I am sure we will be back another day!


  1. Ooooo - that looks like a really nice spot for a picnic! Feel free to give us a call next time you go there!!! Shadow is growing up... How big is she gonna get??? - Kara xx

  2. This is my local park and I love it! Just finish a two hour workout round the lagoon ending with some yoga on the pier. The have a boat club and do nights where they have all the model boats out on the water with fairy lights on them!