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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Breakfast!! - Creamed Corn Scrambled Egg Wrap

After training on Saturday mornings, I sometimes like to cook myself up a tasty morsel for breakfast.  This creamed corn scrambled egg wrap hit the spot quite nicely!

Simply beat together 2 eggs and one of those little tins of creamed corn, then cook gently in a frying pan, scrambling as it cooks - it doesnt look pretty......


once cooked to your liking, spread egg onto a piece of mountain bread (split between 2 pieces is proabably the best way to go - make 2 wraps), drizzle with bbq sauce if you so desire....


roll up and eat!

and yes, sometimes we eat off paper plates. especially for breakfast!


  1. Would never have dreamed of putting bbq sauce with it. Must give that a go.

    How big are the little cans of creamed corn?

  2. I think they are 125g. They come in a 4 pack, and I don't have any in the cupboard at the moment to check physically, but I think 125g sounds about right!