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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Australia Day 2011

Australia Day 2011 - found us doing the usual things, wearing the flag, fake tatoos and eating :-)

We went to my parents place for our "traditional" Australia Day meal - Pie, Mashed Potato and peas!

Deliciously fluffy potato mash! I have now decided I need a potato ricer!


some of these beans came from my garden. Although I was a little disapointed that purple beans turn green when cooked.  I have been eating them straight off the vine, so didn't know this little fact!

Meat Pie - there was also a chicken and mushroom pie. Pies came from my Mum's "Good Butcher" James' Connoisseur Meats Address: 4/2069 Moggill Rd, Kenmore, QLD, 4069

(I had the vegies and a Quorn Southern Style Burger)

For dessert - a pavlova, which was topped with icecream, mango, peaches, grapes and cherries!

Then we rolled home and relaxed!
Jeya and Shadow

Jeya and Shadow
We even managed to get Jeya & Shadow to pose together for this photo (and to look happy about it!)!


  1. Those Quorn southern style burgers are Yummo! They even look like chicken. Kids loved them

  2. Oh that pav. My mouth is watering. Got a got a good recipe for pav? I've never tried to make it. I'm not the greatest of bakers.

  3. I'm stuffed just reading that.

    Purple beans?, beans. :P Okay, I'm a nerd.

    The pups are sooo cute. :)

  4. Ali I love your photos! Your girls are so cute!

    Pie with mash and peas- definitely going to try that one Australia day, what a great idea!

    PS- purple beans turning green when cooked: it's because the anthocyanins (purple colour pigment) undergo a few chemical changes in the water (due to acidity levels and heat) and break up, releasing the chlorophyll pigment instead!Try blanching them quickly- they should keep a bit of the purple if you're lucky!

  5. I can't find your email here...I lost your email message on my phone. Can you send me your new email address again (through here or facebook) and I'll add you to my blog! Thanks!