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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Dinner at home - Potato and Vegie Cakes

What to do with the leftover potato from the stuffed potatoes???

How about some Potato and Vegie Cakes!!

Because the amount of leftover  potato will vary depending on how many stuffed potatoes you have made, its a little hard to give exact quantities - This is how I used up the potato left over from 3 stuffed potatoes (probably less than a cup of potato).

I simply added 1 egg to the mashed potato, along with some frozen peas, corn, garlic chives and a little grated haloumi. I mixed this together well, then fried  spoonfuls gently in olive oil. Don't have the heat too high, the mix is quite fragile, and requires some gentle slow cooking in order to form a nice crust and to set before flipping.



Janet had her potato cakes with a couple of Sausages


I had mine with some cooked tomato and a Sanitarium Vegie Delight Schnitzel

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  1. Will you marry me? :) I was just having this lovely vision of having wonderful veggie meals prepared for me. *sigh* ;)