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Friday, 11 January 2013

and so that was Christmas!


Bit late posting about Christmas, but its better late than never!  We hosted breakfast at our place this year.  I kind of didn't realise this was happening until about a week before.  Because I was confused! anyway, I ummed and aahhed about what to make, and decided on corn fritters with haloumi and roasted tomatoes.


Completely delicious was my verdict!  (for a version of the corn fritter recipe go here - I did not include the chilli or coriander.  TO roast the tomatoes, I simply chopped into quarters, sprinkled with some herbs - oregano, pepper, thyme, salt, and roasted in a medium oven until they were looking mighty fine - probably about 40 minutes!!)


then it was off to my uncle's for Christmas lunch!!


prawns are a fairly traditional entree around here!!  I just eat the seaweed salad!!


for the main part of lunch, we had a rather impressive line up of salads, and some cold meats

I made the chickpea and pumpkin salad again - no fetta this time, and I roasted my chick peas in some soy and lemon juice to make them a little tastier.

I also made this rather beautifully purple beetroot and quinoa salad. recipe can be found here

for dessert, there was Christmas Pudding!!!!

and my favourite of all favourite things......


and just in case there was a smidgen of room left in our bellies, to finish, a few delicacies to have with coffee

that's, cinnamon shortbread, Nigellas Puddini Bon Bons and Nigellas Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, (I get the recipes out of her books, but those do link to versions of the recipes - I didn't really follow the bon bon recipe, because we have no alcohol in the house, so I used a bit of juice instead!)


  1. Chick pea and pumpkin salad sounds awesome. I love chick peas