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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Run run running!

I was very disappointed earlier in the year when the half marathon I had trained for was cancelled as I got to the 11k mark. (This was due to very very dangerous weather, and cancelling was the right call!)

So I got right back into training for the Gold Coast Half Marathon, which is in July. 10 weeks away actually. I would like to run this year at around the 2hour mark. Under 2hours would be magnificent, but anywhere in the low 2's I will be happy with (last year I ran 2:23:?? and was not happy because I was aiming for 2:15).

The tough training sessions are about to kick in. Not tough as in distance, tough as in cold and dark! The only thing I dislike about training as winter gets closer is at I have no choice but to get up and run in the dark, or get home in the afternoon and run in the dark. Hello hi vis clothing!

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  1. I know what you mean about running in winter. Very cold indeed.

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