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Thursday, 14 April 2011

dinner at home - home made pizza

making pizza is so quick and easy, I am more likely to make pizza than to buy it these days.

I don't generally follow a recipe to make the base - I throw together a mixture of white & wholemeal flour, and lix this with water and a sachet of yeast. And usually a pinch of salt, sometimes also some chopped herbs and garlic.  Knead this together to form a smooth dough, then leave to rise before turning it into pizza bases, topped with whatever you find in the fridge that takes your fancy......


For me, tomato, spinach & onion! delicious!!!!!


for Janet - bacon & pepperoni, with bbq sauce.  It looks a tad over-done in this picture, but wasn't actually burnt. really!!

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  1. OMG your pizza look so nice but Janets does look a tad over done - glad she enjoyed it though!