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Monday, 13 August 2012

Vegie Dumplings!

I usually have a box of frozen Coles Vegetable Dumplings on hand in the freezer - they are quick and easy to get ready after I get home from training on the days I train in the evening. Quick dinner is good dinner!! Anyway, I decided it would probably be just as easy to make up a batch of my own!

To make the filling, I was lazy, and whizzed up various vegies in the food processor, as well as some firm tofu. in the interest of extra laziness, I threw in half a bag of pre-grated vegies from Woolies.  I then fried the chopped up vegie and tofu mix with a little oil, and added some soy sauce, garlic, ginger and chilli .  I then left the mix to cool down.  Next step was to fold up the dumplings. Of course, I used wrappers I bought from the supermarket! I put a little filling in the centre of each one, lightly wet the edges with a little water, and then tried to fold them up neatly.  I don't think I did a bad job actually!


The dumplings were then pan fried in batched until golden, then thrown back into the pan with about half a cup of water and a lid on to steam for a couple of minutes.  We then ate way too many, which defeated my intended  purpose of having leftovers to keep in the freezer!  Will have to make MORE next time!!



  1. So, So yummy looking! You are really quite clever! Except that you didnt make enough! - K xx

  2. I tried and failed terribly, how did you do it??