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Friday, 1 July 2011

Garden Salad - from the actual garden!!

Salad Ingredients

I made a delicious salad - the majority of the ingredients were from our vegie garden!! This was very exciting for me!!!!

Basically, I tossed together lettuce, baby spinach and a mixture of herbs with some roasted beetroot (I put the beetroot into a parcel of aluminium foil with some herbs and a splash of water, and roasted until softened, then splashed the chopped cooked beetroot with a little raspberry vinegar), and some fetta cheese.  I mixed up a quick dressing using olive oil, raspberry vinegar, and some honey mustard, which I drizzled over the leaves.

It was great to be able to make use of some home-grown vegies!!!! Although it makes for quite n expensive salad, if you take into account the cost of setting up the garden in the first place - handyman, dirt delivery etc, but of course, the garden will be around for a long time!!! And hopefully will provide us with more than one salad :-)

Garden Salad

Actually, a week later, I made another salad from the garden - this time a Green Garden Salad - I made up a pesto using macadamias, garlic, parmesan and basil & parsley, which I  added a tablespoon of to the usual salad dressing ingredients of olive oil and vinegar. I tossed this dressing over lettuce leaves and baby spinach from the garden to create a very tasty and simple salad.  Seem to have forgotten to make it smile for the camera before it was eaten however!!

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