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Monday, 16 May 2011

Out for Breakfast - Suburban Cafe, West End

We recently went out for breakfast (or Brunch if you prefer) to Suburban Cafe at West End.  Delicious was one word that springs to mind!  The actual menu at the cafe seems to be slightly different from the online version, but I still ordered the item I had decided on before we got there..... I didnt get photos of many of the dishes, but here are three.....

suburban cafe
French Toast with bacon & maple syrup. 

suburban cafe
Bacon & Eggs - this was Janet's brekky

suburban cafe

The Healthy Breakfast - this was mine! It had grilled mushrooms with rocket on thick sourdough toast topped with parmesan, and some roasted tomatoes. Delicious I say!! Yes, the mushrooms were delicious!!

Another dish that caught my eye was the avocado stack - but it came with poached eggs, which I am not a fan of, but many other people at our table chose this and enjoyed it.

I would definitely go back here for some more delicious breakfast (& mushrooms!!)


  1. I see you are continuing on with the mushroom theme- good to see. You were not liking them much when we had the flood dinner right?! Was this the same place?

  2. YES! its the same place - kind of strange that both times I have been here I have eaten mushrooms, but I am getting mush (haha) better at it!!